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Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ fan comes up with perfect tweak to player banners

Published: 18/Dec/2019 16:51

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends fan has devised the perfect player banner tweak and it could be the ideal way for Respawn to help ease the ongoing skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) controversy.

Respawn are quick to listen to community feedback and implement changes where necessary. With the understanding that the game’s devs engage with the Apex Legends’ subreddit, fans often leave thought-provoking tidbits that spark interest among the community. 

From rewarding a kill leader with an in-game badge to add a risk-reward element to the Apex Games’ endgame scenario, to redesigning Octane’s Launch Pad to alter jump trajectory based on your Legends’ approach — there have been some intuitive ideas pumped out from the battle royale’s following. 


Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s Launch Pad Ultimate received a smart overhaul from a fan in the subreddit.

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As well as gameplay changes, fans also frequently make suggestions for ways to improve the game’s menu system and UI, such as the in-game store or the ability to choose ‘favorite’ legends.

One creative fan on Reddit, u/TopNotchIndeed, has provided a small change to player banners, which not only tidies the arrangement of your best badges, but it also provides more space to flex your proudest in-game accolades.

Slight Tweak to Banners… from apexlegends

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On the surface, this appears to be just a minor change. However, if all player banners were pooled and displayed instead of being met with a loading screen, this could somewhat mitigate the effects of SBMM — which is currently causing quite a stir within the community


Each enemy’s level would be visible, and could generate an ‘average squad level.’ So you would be able to scout for the hardest competition at a glance.

Eyeing-up your foe’s banners and selected Legends would serve one of two purposes. You could either make the executive decision to target the higher-ranked opponents from the get-go.

Or, you could elect to stay on the lookout for the higher ranked teams and avoid confrontation altogether. Either way, this plays on the ‘survival of the fittest’ mantra at the core of battle royale titles.

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Although it’s a simple idea, the notion of just rejigging the order of badges and displaying a player level was lapped up by the community. 


Having received almost 1.5k upvotes in less than three hours, it is obvious that Apex Legends’ player base appreciates the finer details in the game, as well as the plethora of content.