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Apex Legends players want new ‘favorite legend’ system

Published: 2/Nov/2019 10:47 Updated: 2/Nov/2019 12:25

by Connor Bennett


One ingenious Apex Legends fan has come up with an idea that would stop players from missing out on their favorite legends during the selection process.

Apex Legends has carved out a niche for itself in the battle royale genre ever since it launched back in early February – with over 70 million players dropping in for at least one game. It was so successful at one point, that it surpassed the mega power that is Fortnite, but couldn’t manage to hold on to the top spot.

One big thing that sets it apart from its rivals is the use of legends with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Be it Wraith, Mirage or Crypto, everyone has a favorite but you can’t always get your hands on them.

RespawnThe new idea would let players get used to more than one Apex Legends character.

Well, one fan would like to change that. In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user deadend1755 laid out their idea for a new way to organize your favorite characters so that you never miss out on at least one of them.

In the Redditors plan, players rank their top three favorite legends from first to last, giving them priority during the legend selection phase. If you went away from the game as the selection was happening, the game would, hopefully, take your favorite character first, but if not, it could easily work its way down the list. 

Concept Idea for Favoriting 3 Legends from r/apexlegends

While it might not seem like the biggest change that the game might need right now, a number of fans were on board with the idea. “This would be great for those challenges that require different legends,” commented xJack_Kass. 

Others, however, wanted to take it one step further. One Redditor suggested a similar idea also could work for loot, while user McthaGrower noted a random button for legends would also shake things up.

Whether or not the Respawn development team would ever take notice of this idea is unknown, considering they’ve likely got other things on their hands. 

Yet it would certainly be a lifesaver for those players who, or one reason or another, come close to missing out on their favorite legends during the selection phase.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev confirms fix coming for frustrating Season 7 Clubs bug

Published: 26/Nov/2020 23:18

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community has been encountering a bizarre bug that’s randomly kicking people out of their Club, even if they were the one to create the group in the first place – and Respawn is on the case.

The hyped Season 7 feature finally let Apex players initiate randos into recurring squadmates by inviting them into the social hub for friends. This was integrated for the purposes of growing communities and making teams easier to fill.

But now, some Club creators are getting kicked out of their own group and even finding that the guilds they made are getting deactivated with little explanation to account for.

While Clubs can get instantly deleted if they’re found with inappropriate names or the like, players have been reporting no such infractions while still getting ousted from their org.

Got removed from my own club that i created? my friend who is admin was not even online in the past few hours. and cant find any club if i click find club. Other clubs got deleted aswell? from apexlegends

“My club was up since Season 7 dropped,” user ‘IIIOxygenRSC’ wrote. “No offensive name or tag, no offensive text chat, usernames or anything. Logged onto apex today with a notification that said my club had been deleted by club admins. Anyone else or any idea why?”

It’s been happening more to different people, prompting Respawn Entertainment to take a closer look at what could be causing the problematic trend.

Clubs Designer at Respawn, Chad Armstrong gave a little comfort to people who’ve been dealing with the glitch: “Thanks for letting me know. We’re looking into this now.”

Now that the developers are on the case, it could soon lead to a meaningful fix to why people are getting met with a random ‘Exited Club’ notification as soon as they log into the game.

“Several players are reporting that they were removed from their club by the admins, even if THEY were the admins,” The Dot’s Pedro Peres said. “This is probably a major bug with Apex and I know Respawn will push out a fix for it ASAP.”

Though his incident was quickly resolved, more players have been wondering if that would be the case with them as well.

The Apex devs could be working on a speedy fix for Clubs to make sure their new Season 7 feature is working without a hitch.