Apex Legends pros slam “terrible” Season 11 ranked changes

Sad Pathfinder in Apex Legends with Master ranked iconRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 featured a ranked overhaul, introducing a new KP system that rewards players who get plenty of kills but die early, but pros have slammed the change as “terrible.”

Apex Legends Season 11 is here, and there’s plenty to talk about. Titanfall’s iconic antagonist Ash is joining the Apex Games, and Storm Point has been added as the game’s fourth map.

Among Legend and weapon changes, the Apex Legends ranked system has also been overhauled.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s ranked system was overhauled in Season 11 to change the KP and RP calculations, putting more value in kills and assists.

Pro players have long requested ranked changes, asking Respawn to implement demotion from higher tiers to make the experience more competitive and enjoyable. They have also asked for a proper in-game leaderboard and more cosmetic rewards for Predator players.

However, they claim the Season 11 changes to the RP and KP system are “terrible”, stating it “promotes a completely different playstyle than what competitive Apex does.”

“Ranked changes are absolutely terrible but everything else is great. No other context required,” NRG’s Chris ‘sweet’ Sexton said on Twitter.

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The changes, which have raised the cap on KP to allow players to frag out a storm and still get maximum RP (for their placement), haven’t been well received.

“Pretty disappointed that the Ranked changes still promote a completely different playstyle than what competitive Apex does,” Alliance’s John ‘Hakis’ Hakansson stated.

“Ranked is supposed to be a gateway into comp to test the waters of how the game is actually supposed to be played at a high level.

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“Instead it keeps being a fiesta where it’s basically just pubs with points.”

Pro players are continuing to push for demotion in Apex Legends ranked, as well as better RP calculations so the gap between casual and competitive players can close somewhat.

The latest set of Apex Legends ranked changes will go live with Season 11, named Escape, on November 2.