Apex Legends devs respond to broken Mirage “buff” not working

Joe Craven
Mirage from Apex Legends

A Season 7 buff to Apex Legends’ Mirage, that was meant to fix an issue with his decoys’ footsteps not making noise, appears to have failed. The developers over at Respawn are looking into it. 

Mirage mains rejoiced back in early January, as Respawn confirmed that a Fight Night Event bug fix would actually make the Holographic Trickster’s abilities stronger.

Mirage has the ability to spawn identical decoys to try and ‘bamboozle’ and ambush engaged enemies. However, his decoys do not make any footstep noise, making them easier to pick out as fakes.

Most players thought this was intentional but, in the Fight Night patch notes, Respawn said they had ‘fixed an issue’ with Mirage’s decoys not making footstep noise.

mirage in apex legends
Mirage’s changes dropped on January 5, but Respawn are now investigating.

They confirmed it as a bug fix back in the Fight Night Event patch notes. The fix was released when the update dropped on January 5 – but it’s now clear that it is not working as intended.

One Apex Legends player reached out to Jason McCord, Design Director at Respawn working on the battle royale, saying: “I was wondering if Mirage finally got that “bug fix” with his decoys making footsteps sounds. I’ve not heard any decoys making footsteps since the updated, even playing as Mirage.”

In response, McCord simply responded: “I’m checking. Thanks for bringing it up.” Despite being touted as a bug fix, many players were keen to see the change added to Apex Legends given the fact that it would constitute a buff for the fast-talking legend.

The changes – when fixed and working as was originally intended – will add another layer of distraction to his arsenal. Enemies will no longer be able to hear footsteps and identify the real Mirage. Footstep audio could indicate a decoy or the real character.

Given the response from Respawn’s Design Director, we can hopefully look forward to another update on this issue soon.

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