Apex Legends players just want this Rampart bug fixed

Rory Teale
Loba Amped Cover glitchRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players think one Rampart wall bug has been unaddressed for too long and are begging for a fix.

Respawn recently released Apex Legends season 18, and with the new season came a rework to Revenant, granting him all-new abilities.

Players have been enjoying using Revenant much more since the changes, despite some thinking he is too good.

However, the Apex Legends community believes that Respawn should have addressed other characters before reworking Revenant. Characters like Rampart have had a frustrating bug plague her kit for multiple seasons.

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Apex Legends Rampart Wall Bug

User HandoAlegra had finally had enough of respawn neglecting Rampart. He complained to the community that “her [Rampart’s] most requested bug still hasn’t been fixed.

In the video, we see the player using Rampart place an amped wall snug behind a door. This is a commonly used tactic for Rampart mains to stop enemy teams from pushing.

The player then opens the door, but when trying to close it the doors get stuck and don’t fully shut. Players find this incredibly frustrating as it ruins their cover and ruins the effectiveness of the tactic.

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Other fans in the Apex Legends community didn’t have much hope for the OP’s request for the bug to be fixed. One user pointed out that if they have fixed the bug “at this point, [they] probably never will.”

Players even thought that a whole rework to the Apex Legends controller Rampart was more likely before a fix to the bug was issued: “They’ll rework her before they fix the door bug.”

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Though, some didn’t want her to be “reworked”, but rather Rampart’s current kit to be “buffed” and without annoying bugs.

But, with Apex Legends Season 19 on the horizon, fans of the game still hold hope that their favorite characters can be fixed or buffed.

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