Apex Legends players baffled by “silent” nerf in Harbingers Collection Event update

Fuse Heirloom Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have questioned why Respawn dropped “silent” nerfs to Fuse following the recent Harbingers update after they’ve found that one trick has now gone.

While battle royales like Warzone and Fortnite typically have to worry about weapons being balanced, Apex Legends also has legend balancing to contend with. 

Over the years, whenever a new character is introduced to the battle royale by Respawn, they’re typically a bit overpowered. That prompts a mid-season update to adjust a few things, which also gives the devs a chance to tinker with a few other legends too. 

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They’ve done this recently in the Harbingers Collection Event, as both Horizon and Revenant were hit with pretty sizable nerfs. However, other legends have also been tweaked, and fans are annoyed that those changes weren’t mentioned in the patch notes. 

Apex Legends fans annoyed by unannounced Fuse change

The one change that has really gotten some backs up relates to Fuse – who, funnily enough, got his Heirloom in this Collection Event. The Aussie explosives expert is no longer able to zoom in while aiming grenades or using his Knuckle Cluster, and that has annoyed a number of fans. 

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“It actually annoys me when they remove stuff without putting it in the patch notes. For instance, Fuse you could zoom in with his tactical and grenades, now you can’t!” said dismayed Redditor ashowlyy on September 25. 

“What’s more annoying to me is not knowing if they did it on purpose lol,” added another commenter. “Bring this back I don’t understand why it was removed (if it was intentional)” said another. 

Others argued that it was “basically pointless” in the first place, but it has now been removed for one reason or another. 

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If it was a purposeful nerf, it wouldn’t be the first time that Respawn has amde a change and not announced it. Seer was hit with a secret nerf during the height of his popularity. So, they’ve clearly got form for it.

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