Apex Legends devs investigate battle pass bug that makes it impossible to complete

Philip Trahan

Apex Legends developers have begun investigating a bug that is preventing battle pass level-ups.

It seems the string of bugs and glitches affecting Apex Legends Season 13 is set to continue to the second half of the season.

While the recent July 13 update fixed Wraith’s hit-reg bug and Loba’s bracelet again not working, a new glitch has popped up among the community.

Respawn Entertainment developers are now looking into reports that Season 13’s battle pass isn’t progressing for some players, making it impossible to complete.

Apex Legends devs investigate battle pass bug

The bug first came to the developer’s attention on July 13, with Twitter user YuukiSoulless tweeted out the issue to Respawn’s live support member, Pav.

The player claimed they had “leveled up 3 times” but the battle pass was seemingly stuck at Level 67.

Pav responded to the tweet confirming that the “team is investigating this issue right now.”

Unfortunately, it seems as though Respawn has yet to figure out a solution to the bug, as the following day, Pav responded to another tweet, this time with a screenshot of the issue.

The following day, another player posted a video of the glitch in motion.

In the video, the player earns enough battle pass experience to level up from level 105 to 106, but after the match summary ends and the player arrives back at the lobby, the battle pass level remains at 105.

This could potentially be a big problem for players striving to complete the battle pass before Season 13’s reaches its end.

While Season 14 is expected to start around August 8, 2022, that doesn’t leave much time left for players still working to earn their battle pass rewards for Season 13.

For now, it seems the only solution for those affected is to reach out to EAHelp on Twitter or visit EA’s official help website here until Respawn rolls out a patch.