Apex Legends July 13 update patch notes: Loba bracelet & Wraith hit-reg fix, more

apex legends rose gold loba prime gaming skin steps on enemyRespawn Entertainment

Here’s the complete Apex Legends patch notes, including a fix Loba’s glitchy tactical ability while addressing the hit-reg issues with Wraith after using her abilities

There’s been ample rallying calls to get Loba’s tactical ability fixed, seeing as it’s caused a few headaches when trying to use it across the game. It got to the point where Loba players showed up to the ALGS Championship to ask the devs to fix it in person.

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Respawn Entertainment have been seeing the pleas and have moved on a fix to the Legend, and players are hoping this will be the last they see of the issue.

The studio put out a hotfix update to reign in the problem along with a couple other key issues, like Wraith’s hit-reg bugs, that have been plaguing the game.

Loba bracelet bug fix

It’s been a struggle as of late for Loba players who’ve been contending with her broken bracelet that doesn’t latch on to the map. This makes the tactical return to the player and not at all work as intended.

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Apex Legends loba Season 8Respawn Entertainment
Respawn are hoping the latest Loba fix will finally make her bracelet tactical work properly in Apex Legends.

There’ve been a couple different episodes of Loba’s wonky tactical ability across different maps, but this time Respawn thinks it’s nailed the problem.

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With the latest update, players should see the bracelet act more consistent to how they expect it to work, but the devs are sure to monitor the situation in case there’s issues.

Wraith hit-reg issues

Apex Legends players have been finding Wraiths affected with hit-reg problems that the Legend can apparently conjure at whim using her abilities.

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The devs believe they’ve found a solution to the issues which should make hitting her work as usual. Players had reported that by using her Into the Void tactical, the character would be impossible to hit when coming out of the ability.

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn are hoping the latest Apex Legends update fixed Wraith’s hit-reg issues.

The Apex Legends community has been waiting for a fix to these problems, so it’ll be interesting if players come across them again in the battle royale.

Apex Legends update July 13 patch notes

  • Improve various issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality
  • Resolve Loba’s tactical failing without reason
  • Resolve issues with Wraith not receiving damage at certain points when using her abilities
  • Resolve loss of functionality when using a Replicator
  • A variety of other fixes