Apex Legends devs fix account reset issues following bugged update

Declan Mclaughlin
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Respawn has responded to multiple players complaining of lost progression and Apex Legends account resets among other issues.

Multiple Apex Legends players have reported account resets and loss progression in the Respawn title across X and Reddit after the April 2 update.

One player posted that they went from level 300 to 189, lowering their stats across the board and that they seemed to no longer own the game’s battle pass. Others have said they have lost heirlooms, had cross-progression removed, badges disappear, and had Apex Legends coins given or taken away.

Respawn has responded to player outcry, posting on social media that they are looking into the issue.

“We’ve seen your reports about account resets in Apex Legends and are investigating. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on the issue,” the developer said.

The update was only supposed to reset players’ rank back a few levels for the new split and update that store rotation.

Respawn sent out another update later that day, saying they have rolled out an update to fix the issue and any account logging in after it will not see any lost progression or content.

“For players who are missing progress or content after our update this morning – please hang tight for now. We’re working on an additional fix to restore your accounts to their state before our update, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready,” the developer said.

Respawn later took the Apex servers down to deploy a fix and apologized to players for the inconvenience. Hours later, the company announced that player’s accounts should be mostly fixed and that the servers are back online.

“As a result of this evening’s rollback, we’re working to restore progress made throughout the course of yesterday. Additionally, we’ve had to postpone the new Ranked Split and will roll it out at a later date — more info to come,” the statement said.

This assumed bugged update comes just a few weeks following a high-profile hack during a professional Apex Legends match that impacted multiple players. This specific incident seems to be more of an issue on Respawn’s end, instead of an intentional cyber sabatoge, however it does not instil confidence in the developer from the community to have these two misfortunes occur back to back.

This article will be updated as Respawn releases more information.

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