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Apex Legends devs finally confirm fix for broken Valkyrie Ultimate

Published: 22/Nov/2021 10:37

by Alex Garton


The long-standing bug completely breaking Valkyrie’s Ultimate is finally being patched in Apex Legends, with the devs confirming that a fix is “imminent”.

With a new Legend being released every season in Apex Legends, it’s hard to know whether their popularity will last, or whether they’ll fade into the background and become a niche pick.

One character that’s always maintained her place as a fan-favorite Legend is Valkyrie, the Winged Avenger. Arriving in Season 9, Valkyrie’s high-flying playstyle makes her difficult to pilot properly, but rewarding if you can master her kit.

Due to her impressive mobility and verticality, Revenant and her have always been a strong combination, but a frustrating bug with the character’s Ultimates has sometimes held the pair back.


Well, after two seasons, the devs have finally confirmed a fix is on the way and it’s got Valk mains very excited.

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Valkyrie was released all the way back in Season 9.

Devs confirm fix for long-standing Valkyrie Ultimate bug

If a player uses Revenant’s Death Totem then attempts to use Skyward dive with Valkyrie, they’re left suspended in the air and unable to exit the animation. This will always result in the squad being wiped as they’re unable to fight back.

Despite calls to fix the glitch back in Season 9, it remains an issue for Valk and Revenant mains in Escape, as showcased by Brazenjasobian.

This happened to us today.. anyone know why? from apexlegends

However, shortly after the thread was created, an Apex Legends dev responded to the glitch and revealed that a fix for the bug is “imminent”.


After two seasons of frustration, Valkyrie and Revenant players will soon be able to combine their Ultimate’s together without having to worry about being suspended mid-air.

Although the patch that includes this fix hasn’t been rolled out yet, we can expect it to arrive very soon.

While resolving this issue won’t make won’t turn Valkyrie into a top-tier Legend overnight, it’s great to see such a long-standing issue put to rest.