Dr Disrespect reveals main reason he stopped streaming Apex Legends

dr-disrespect-apex-legendsYouTube: Dr Disrespect / Respawn

Dr Disrespect revealed the main reason why he stopped streaming Apex Legends despite loving the game, claiming it’s because he doesn’t have anyone to play with regularly on YouTube.

Doc has had a love-hate relationship with Apex Legends. In August 2021, he slammed it for being “boring” and said it would never be a top-tier esports title. He also claimed that it pales in comparison to Warzone.

However, he backflipped on that in August 2021 and admitted he loved it, describing it as a “breath of fresh air.”

But despite that, he stopped streaming it regularly. Now,the YouTube star has explained why.

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It’s not because he stopped loving the game. Instead, it’s because he doesn’t really have anyone to play with – at least in his usual squad.

Ash Apex Legends Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
Dr Disrespect hasn’t been streaming Apex Legends Season 11 too much.

“Nobody plays Apex Legends on YouTube,” said the two-time after deliberating what game to play next. “Literally, nobody plays Apex.”

He reiterated his love for the game. “I love Apex. I would love to grind Apex ranked. I actually really enjoyed the Apex grind on the new map. I did.”

However, fond memories aren’t enough to convince him to play again on stream.

Then, he name-dropped two friends that aren’t keen to play, Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar and Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane. “It’s unfortunate that Timmy doesn’t ever want to play it. And then ZLaner… I don’t know if [he’d want to play it].”

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It might be a while until we see the two-time unleash some violence, speed, and momentum into Apex Legends again.

In the meantime, he’s mopping the floor with the competition in Halo Infinite and has been loving every minute of it.