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Apex Legends devs are confident Seer won’t overshadow Bloodhound, Crypto

Published: 4/Aug/2021 8:40 Updated: 4/Aug/2021 9:13

by Andrew Amos


Seer is here in Apex Legends Season 10, and the Recon Legend has a lot of overlap with some of the existing picks like Bloodhound or Crypto. However, Respawn has assured players the three Agents have enough differences between them.

Seer’s introduction in Apex Legends Season 10 brings a whole new level of intel gathering. Some players have likened him to being a Crypto drone, without the droning, or a Bloodhound with a more permanent scan.

Respawn has assured players that while Seer is similar in principle, in practice, he won’t overshadow the two Recon specialists.

Seer gameplay lead Travis Nordin confirmed as much in an interview on his release.


“The comparisons are always going to be there ⁠— he’s a recon legend like them. There’s similarities, but in practice, he definitely plays a bit differently,” Nordin said.

“I think both Crypto and Bloodhound can guide you towards players, either Crypto scouting with the drone or Bloodhound following those breadcrumbs to find out where they go. Whereas Seer is a much more kind of close-quarters Recon information character.”

Seer Apex Legends Season 10
Respawn Entertainment
Seer’s addition in Apex Legends Season 10 adds a new way to hunt enemies with his heartbeat scans.

Seer’s heartbeat sensor might be able to track enemies up close like a Crypto drone ⁠— even through walls ⁠— but you don’t get direct information on their location.

Plus, his scan is more of a beam compared to Bloodhound’s cone which makes it “harder to hit,” Nordin said. However, the effects “are a bit more potent” to counterbalance that difficulty.


“The second scan reveals health bars, which will be useful if your team is calling out ‘they’re one shot,’ you can actually know if it’s a one shot or not,” he said.

“It also does the interrupt too, so that’s another mechanic which is probably pretty spicy. And that’ll interrupt any shield batteries or rezzing or basically any long press activities that the players are doing.”

There’s also some counterplay to Seer that exists that doesn’t really affect Bloodhound or Crypto. Seer’s ultimate can be destroyed by an EMP, limiting his effectiveness in late-games against the Recon Legend. Even Mirage can bamboozle the ultimate with his own.


Seer's Ultimate ability Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Seer’s kit is all about hunting down the enemy, but it can also be countered with ease.

Plus, the best trick of them all: If you don’t want to be scanned by Seer, just stop moving or shooting. Sure, you become a sitting duck, but ultimately you don’t get spotted.

“You just kind of get these footstep VFX and a diamond lock on, so there’s some counterplay there as the enemy: if you stop moving or if you are healing you’re not going to be revealed.”

All these little measures of counterplay make sure that Seer is different enough from all the other Recon Legends, while still filling his own niche in the game.


While there’s concerns his kit will be totally broken, ultimately only time will tell about Seer’s place in the tier list.