Apex Legends dev confirms “lots of progress” on audio ahead of Season 7

Tanner Pierce
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Ahead of the game’s Season 7 update, set to start on November 4, one of the Apex Legends developers has provided a small but meaningful update on the audio issues that have been plaguing the game for a while now. 

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Of course, the new season will bring a slew of new content, including a new Legend, but just as important are buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes.

One of the most pressing problems in the game right now is the audio. While a number of different issues are plaguing the sound, the most notable is that sometimes there’s a lack of audio for enemy footsteps.

Understandably, this is causing some major frustrations for players, as that can lead to easy deaths. Luckily, it seems like the solution is just around the corner.

Apex running footsteps
One of the biggest problems with Apex Legend’s audio right now, is the lack of enemy footsteps in certain situations.

According to Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier in a Reddit post, the audio team has made “lots of progress” when it comes to the audio issues. Unfortunately, however, he didn’t go into any specific detail about the actual “progress” that has been made.

In addition, he also hinted that at least some of the audio issues should be fixed during the game’s Season 7 update, although some of the others will have to wait until “just after Season 7”. Grenier didn’t provide an update as to when that second update will come, meaning it could be anywhere from a week after the first patch to a month after.

Apex Legends audio update
Chad Grenier, Apex Legend’s game director, posted this reply on Reddit in regards to the audio issues in the game.

That last part is sure to disappoint some players who were hoping that all of them would be fixed at the same time but at least some progress is better than no progress.

Either way, fans won’t have to wait too long for the first round of fixes, as Apex Legends Season 7 is set to drop on November 4, 2020.

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