Apex Legends pros claim audio issues are worse than ever in Season 16

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Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen and Zach ‘Zachmazer’ Mazer have claimed audio problems have got “worse” since the Season 16 update went live.

Season 16 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community is getting stuck into all the new content that was added.

Whether it’s the TDM mode, Nemesis AR, or the revamped Legend classes, it’s clear Respawn didn’t hold back with the Revelry patch.

Despite this, there are still underlying issues that are causing problems for players and pros alike, some of which appear to have got worse since Season 16 dropped.

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One of these is broken audio cues with both ImperialHal and Zachmazer complaining that their sound is just “cutting out” during matches.

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Audio cues are extremely important for navigating intense gunfights.

Season 16 has caused audio bugs to pop up in Apex Legends

Taking to Twitter on February 14, TSM pro ImperialHal revealed that the new season would be “great” if the game’s “audio somehow didn’t get even worse”.

According to him, the patch is causing “constant cuts in audio” and it’s impossible to keep track of a gunfight with “so many things happening”.

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While tracking your opponent with your eyes is key, when they’re out of vision you rely on audio cues to locate their position. So, when these are broken, it can be massively frustrating for competitors.

Hal wasn’t alone with these issues, as fellow pro Zackmazer posted that the audio “constantly cutting out has been so strange”.

For him, the main problems have been “silent gunshots”, which means vital information is being missed by players on account of a serious bug.

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As the season has just arrived, the community expected a few problems to surface, especially with so many major changes being implemented.

Let’s hope Respawn can get on top of these issues and eliminate the audio problems in Apex for good with a future patch.

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