NICKMERCS reveals Apex Legends devs are finally working on game’s audio issues

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Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, have informed NICKMERCS that the current issues with the game’s audio are their top priority amid frustrations from pros.

Apex Legends pros and various other players have been lately voicing their issues with the game, ranging from bullets leaving no tracers, to missing gunfire, and footstep audio, to even demanding a Warzone 2 anti-cheat features following an increase in reports of hacking.

Respawn has been actively tackling any issues that have popped up in the current season, and, just last week, announced that they are investigating an issue crashing players’ games.

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Replies to the announcement have been full of people asking the devs to tackle other issues, but that naturally takes time. However, fans might not be waiting long as the developers messaged some pro players privately.

Respawn is looking into audio issues of Apex Legends

NICKMERCS, along with other pros, apparently received a DM from one of Respawn Entertainment’s devs about the issues with audio, as the Apex creators are looking into addressing it.

The FaZe Clan member read the whole message out loud for his fans and the larger Apex community interested in the progress of fixing current issues.

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“Regarding the audio drops, this is definitely a unique and difficult issue to investigate, the Apex team has been looking into it for some time now as a top priority,” read out Nick during his stream. “We are trying to work with pros to get their audio telemetry for analysis.”

The message also revealed that the devs are looking into audio issues at a game-wide scale, not only those affecting gunplay. The messages conclude that the messages and videos showcasing issues have been helpful for the dev team.

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It’s a definite step in the right direction from the game’s developers and we hope to see more improvements hitting the live servers soon to weed out issues one by one.