Apex Legends deaths shows why players shouldn’t break down doors

Alan Bernal

Kicking down a door and clearing the room of all hostiles in Apex Legends could be one of the most satisfying experiences, until it all goes wrong.

Respawn Entertainment incorporated various fluid mechanics into their battle royale which gives players a lot of freedom when it comes to devising a proper engagement. Techniques like sliding without a run, turning non-lethal Ultimates into a weapon, and more.

But some of the mechanics found in Apex Legends are proving to be a detriment to players if used at the wrong time, such as leaving oneself completely exposed to a counterattack after busting down a door.

Respawn EntertainmentThere are safer ways to clearing a door than bashing it down.

A perfect example of this was captured by Reddit user ‘ElGuambra’ as the game was winding down with only two squads left to determine who would take the Champion screen.

ElGuambra was looting a few death boxes before he heard the other team encroaching on their position. This prompted the player to immediately retreat into the building their team was taking shelter in.

Body blocking the door so that the enemy Gibraltar couldn’t get easy access inside the room, the player saw that the opponent was getting ready to kick down the barrier, so they took out their Karber.

After Gibraltar broke the door, the animation followthrough left the opponent exposed for half a second, long enough for ElGuambra to land a perfect shot and instantly downing the enemy.

Then it was a simple matter of landing close range Wingman shots on opponent’s teammate to secure the win.

Knocking down a door can be a great way to catch players unaware, but some players are saying that getting caught like this Gibraltar did is a problem on Respawn’s balancing.

“This is just shit balancing on Respawn’s part,” one user said. “The LAST person that should be a threat when you’re kicking down the door should be the person on the other side.”

They think that a “concussion stun” to the player body blocking could be an efficient way of preventing these instances since “camping doors like that shouldn’t even be a thing.”

Regardless, until a mechanic like that makes its way into Apex Legends, players can still punish opponents recklessly kicking down doors.

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