Apex Legends player dies after face-planting into a wall

Brianna Reeves
Apex legends wall death

Apex Legends players express surprise upon finding out that slamming into a wall will result in instant death.

Like countless other games, Apex Legends has its fair share of quirky ways that players can die in-game. In the past, users have found themselves stuck in bizarre death loops, insta-killed by doors, and even taken out by death boxes.

Players are still uncovering new and surprising ways in which the game can knock them down a peg, though.

In fact, based on gameplay footage recently shared by one Apex Legends fan, the shooter’s sturdy walls may warrant consideration as worthy opponents.

Apex Legends players learn slamming into a wall means death

A Reddit post from a user named hermogeon reveals that hitting a wall at the right speed in Apex Legends could mean spell doom.

The Redditor shared a gameplay clip wherein their Pathfinder swings around aimlessly at high speeds. All seems find in the first half of the video, yet things take a dark turn when the player accidentally slams into a wall.

All that’s heard is a loud metallic smack just as Pathfinder is insta-killed from the shocking blow.

The original poster’s fellow Apex Legends players seem just as surprised by the sudden wall death. Wrote one person in response, “Did not know that this [was] possible.” This same comment also sparked discourse about whether or not this counts as Apex’s non-existent fall damage or collision damage.

“Does this video prove falling damage does exist or super fast collision kills?” pondered another user.

On the other hand, some Redditors were too busy lining up the perfect joke to worry about the implications of collision damage. “When pathy starts his new Job as a collision dummy,” mused one person. Someone else joked, “Poor Pathfinder died of parts explosion.”

Death by wall collision isn’t the best way to go out in Apex Legends, but it certainly makes for interesting conversation.