How to turn Lifeline’s Care Package into a deadly Apex Legends weapon

Connor Bennett

One clever Apex Legends player has found a unique way to turn Lifeline’s Care Package ultimate into a game-winning ability – and you don’t need to grab the loot inside.

Anyone who has dove into a match in Kings Canyon knows that selecting a powerful line-up is one of the keys to victory. You do, however, need to strike a balance with the legends abilities in order to swiftly takedown other players.

One of the most used legends in-game is Lifeline – the medic. While reviving, she will shield downed players from gunfire and her drone can provide a healing boost on the go. However, there is a brand new way to use her Care Package – and it doesn’t involve claiming whatever loot it decides to drop. 

Respawn EntertainmentLifeline’s ultimate comes chock full of loot, but there are other ways to use it.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user SergeS2K, showcased a clip from one of their recent games where they were locked in a tense final circle with an opposing squad. 

With the enemy team hiding in a building, with only one exit,  the Redditor’s teammate playing as Lifeline used the opportunity as the perfect chance to break out their ingenious tactic. They called in the Care Package right outside the door – leaving the opponents trapped as the circle closed in on them. 

While they able to eventually break down the door, the circle had done its damage and made the enemy team soft targets – handing SergeS2K and his teammates an easy victory.

The idea clearly impressed members of the subreddit who were quick to praise the tactic – even though it may have seemed a little overkill. “That is pretty impressive,” replied one user.

Another, TheSunniestbro, chimed in with an even further clever use for the ability: “You can also use the package to plug up pesky wraith holes if they keep spamming between them. One might say it’s a waste since her wraith holes don’t last forever, but in a pinch it can save a life.”

Of course, it’s not going to be a tactic that everyone can pull off considering not every trio opts to hide within a building during the final stages. 

Despite that, it should be something that sparks even further creative ideas for the ultimate. Who knows, maybe we’ll start seeing Lifeline become the deadliest supporting legend in the game.