The Finals players call for defibrillator nerfs as revives make players invincible

James Busby
The Finals character with a gun

The Finals players are calling for nerfs to Medium Build defib revives, which make players briefly invincible.

While The Finals community has been demanding nerfs to the throwable “OP” explosives that are currently dominating games, there’s another issue that players believe is just as bad.

Unlike the destructive power of the game’s C4+barrel combo, the Medium classes defibrillator revives can prove game-changing. Not only can they revive fallen teammates, but they also give the recently rezzed player a brief moment of invulnerability.

This stops enemies from being able to eliminate them, essentially making them invincible to incoming damage – an area the game’s community believes should be nerfed.

The Finals players call for defibrillator rezz nerfs

“A consistent source of bullsh*t for me has been defib invincibility,” explained one player. “I firmly believe that if someone goes for a risky defib, it should be punishable. As it currently stands, you can heavy swing and then light swing a freshly rezzed player with your Sledge and they’ll take no damage, made even worse by the melee lunge targeting them instead of the Medium that rezzed them.”

While the invincibility window is only brief, it can lead to some rather frustrating scenarios like the example outlined below.

“It’s not okay when the invincible one acts as a human shield for the reviver and I waste most of my mag, but otherwise the rest of the behavior is fine,” commented another player.

A gunfight in The Finals
The Finals defibrillator invisibility window can make for some frustrating scenarios.

This invulnerability can give a Medium Build player just enough time to revive their teammate and turn the tides of a gunfight. As a result, many players have suggested their own nerfs which would help alleviate the issue.

“Defib would probably be balanced if instead of having half HP and keeping the invincibility, they had full HP and no invincibility. That way you could easily kill defibed players and if you get defibed in a dangerous situation you don’t instantly die once your invincibility runs out.”

Whether the devs will make any adjustments to the rez from defibrillators remains to be seen, but for now, you’ll need to take extra when confirming your kills.

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