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Apex Legends

Apex Legends reveals new plan for seasons ahead of Season 3

Published: 27/Aug/2019 17:57 Updated: 27/Aug/2019 18:29

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends‘ Iron Crown event wrapped up on August 27 but that’s far from the end and the team revealed how event cadence will work going forward into Season 3 and beyond.

The Iron Crown event was met with a mixed reaction thanks to the monetization debacle but players did enjoy the solos event.

Respawn will be building upon that foundation in the future with more events and detailed just how that will work in a new blog post by Apex Legends Director of Product Management Lee Horn.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn revealed their event cadence going forward.

The goal of the events is to add in new ways to play and to keep things fresh and exciting for players.


There are three separate events the developers have in mind which include Season launches, Collection Events, and Themed Events. Respawn says the next Themed Event will be arriving in early September.

How do the 3 major events work?

Season launches come with a load of new content and a new Legend, which means we can expect what we’ve seen previously with seasons one and two.

Themed Events come with a limited-time mode, like the Solos playlist, and could even feature a map change or two. An example of this would be the Legendary Hunt event. They tease one centered around Wraith will be next.

Respawn EntertainmentOctane in Season 1, Wattson in Season 2, who in Season 3?ape

Collection Events take place throughout the season and come with another LTM and are very similar to the themed ones in that there will be cosmetics up for grabs and some map changes could occur.


Another one of these events is planned for October which means the next two months of Apex Legends give fans a lot to look forward to.

These are the three pillars that make up the events in Apex Legends but the devs say they are always looking for new additions so stay tuned if there’s anything else announced on the horizon.

You can read the full blog post by Respawn here.