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Apex Legends

Apex Legends bug reveals why World’s Edge map can be your biggest enemy

Published: 21/Oct/2019 4:22 Updated: 21/Oct/2019 4:37

by Brad Norton


Balloons in Apex Legends can often be a great way to evade danger or simply used to launch yourself across the map. As one unlucky player discovered however, they can also lead to your demise.

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Released on October 1, Season Three of Apex Legends saw the introduction of a wide array of brand new content. From a new Legend in the form of Crypto, to the implementation of World’s Edge, players of the FPS Battle Royale have been provided with a heap of additions to try and master.

The new map features secret loot vaults and speeding trains, yet one extremely unfortunate player managed to ignore all of the flashy scenery and get themselves eliminated in hilarious fashion.


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In an October 20 clip, Apex Legends player ‘SheGo808’ made it through until there were only 31 players on the map, even racking up two eliminations in the process.

Attempting to get back in close proximity with their squad, the player utilized a nearby balloon for some speedy traveling. Little did they know that the landing point would soon lead to their downfall.

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Sailing by one of the enormous in-game banners that promoted a bounty for that specific match, the Crypto player glided right inside of the steel structure holding the advertisement in place. 

Upon landing, they were all but trapped. Unable to jump and mantle their way back out, the game essentially froze the player in place. All the while, the out of bounds siren was buzzing and counting down without fail. In a 30 second window that felt like an eternity, they were eliminated and kicked out of the match.


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Elaborating on the extremely unfortunate clip, the player explained how the game “was forcing me to stay there.” As though invisible walls were keeping them encased in the confines of the structure. 

“There’s one part you see my hands moving, trying to run in the middle, but it wouldn’t let me move,” they continued. 

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This terrain bug is seemingly an oversight that could hopefully be patched out in the very near future. That or Respawn Entertainment could simply place more invisible walls around the structure as to ensure that no one will be losing games in there ever again.


Not the first crazy bug to be discovered in the latest update, players have been left defenseless due to a new game-breaking glitch that stops Legends from picking up certain loot.