Apex Legends buffs would make Lifeline’s passive and abilities practical

Alan Bernal

Lifeline has always been a top choice to include in an Apex Legends team composition, but her abilities, while helpful, leave some wondering if vast improvements could be made to make them even more useful.

As her name suggests, Lifeline is a Legend who’s aimed at keeping her team healthy with high-tier loot, quick revives, or some extra HP. Those abilities, however, can leave players exposed to the very dangers they’re trying to escape, even when used correctly.

It’s because of those issues that some players are taking it upon themselves to figure out the best ways to give the hero’s kit a buff so that there aren’t inherent consequences with using her.

healer Lifeline with D.O.C. in Apex Legends
Lifeline is a prime choice for a lot of players, but some think her healing can improve.

People like Reddit user ‘NizzyDeniro’ have crafted interesting buffs that would let the Combat Medic be more effective in her role as the team’s healer.

First off, a change to her passive, revamping its name to ‘Surgery,’ would give revived teammates a six-second heal that would replenish 50% of their health.

As a healer, this makes a ton of sense. Too many times has a Lifeline picked up a teammate just so that a lack of heals makes them a vulnerable target once again.

Furthermore, a buff to D.O.C.’s shield after picking up a downed teammate would keep the droid’s defenses activates for four seconds after the revive is complete.

The idea is to “give Lifeline a sort of disengage” after picking up a downed player, so as to not immediately be taken by the attacking team.

Keeping in line with safe heals, the player also suggested to give Lifeline the ability to toss her D.O.C. in case she can’t exactly make it to the low-HP player.

There could be tons of outplay potential there, seeing as a Lifeline can toss D.O.C. indicating that someone there is low on health, just to spring a trap on them.

Finally, an updated Revive animation rounds out the list of creative buff, but the whole package was really well-received by the Apex community – with loremaster ‘frozenfroh’ even pitching in illustrated concepts to bring the buffs to life.

In either case, players feel like her kit could use an upgrade to make it feel more competitive and impactful in a team.

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