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Respawn finally address major level 500 bug in Apex Legends

Published: 18/Jan/2020 13:14

by Daniel Cleary


Developers from Respawn Entertainment have revealed that a fix is on its way for the level 500 bug that has been affecting Apex Legends players.

Since Respawn announced that they had increased the level cap in Apex Legends, many of the game’s hardcore players have been experiencing an unusual bug after leveling up.

This bizarre glitch made Apex Legends literally unplayable for many players who managed to reach the prestigious level 500, preventing them from being able to connect to the game’s servers.

Respawn’s level cap increase did not quite go according to plan.

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In many titles, those who reach the maximum level are often rewarded for their time spent on a game with impressive badges, however, Apex Legends players have unfortunately been unable to show off their achievement at all.


After the bug was first discovered in the popular battle royale many have been calling on developers to implement a fix and on January 17 they revealed that one was soon to be on the way.

Respawn’s community coordinator ‘Garza’ apologized to fans on their Trello board, revealing that they were expected to release a server patch for the bug on January 16, however, certain issues arose that caused it to be delayed.

Respawn Entertainment, Trello
Respawn’s Community Coordinator Garza commenting on the level 500 bug.

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“This did not go out last night as intended as issues and concerns arose. will continue to update this thread when I get more info. Sorry,” Garza expressed, revealing that the fix would take a little longer than expected.


Although the server patch was delayed by the developers, Respawn explained that they are working on dealing with it as well as many other issues and it will likely be fixed over the coming days.

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According to the Apex Legends Dev Tracker, the exact time of release for the patch is still yet to be determined, however, more information should be soon to follow.

This should come as good news to those who have been affected by the patch, as it won’t be long until they can finally return to playing their favorite game without many issues.