Apex Legends Black Friday Octane skin features game-breaking visual bug

Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment only just released the Black Friday update for Apex Legends on November 26 and dedicated players are already uncovering ridiculous issues with the new cosmetic items.

The first-ever Black Friday celebration in Apex Legends has been met with much frustration due to a rather lackluster refresh of the in-game store.

With only two new character skins accessible throughout the limited-time event, players were quick to voice their displeasure. Serving as the cherry on top of the controversial situation however, a newly discovered bug with one of the cosmetic items has even the most dedicated players on-edge.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsThe Apex Legends Black Friday sale is only accessible until December 5.

Available until November 30, a brand-new Legendary Octane skin titled ‘Laughing Fool,’ has the eccentric character dressed up as a jester of sorts. With a red and black costume lined with golden fabric and a complete mask to boot, there’s no denying that the purchasable item is impressively detailed.

Unfortunately, a new game-breaking bug stems from the use of this jester outfit as numerous Apex Legends players have been sharing their hassles with the skin that costs 1,800 Apex Coins or the equivalent of just under $20.

While the golden trimming may look fantastic from afar, the intricate costume actually obscures a nearly half of the screen when aiming down sights with Octane.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsA look at the Black Friday Octane skin that costs 1,800 Apex Coins.

Supposedly the visual bug is triggered when utilizing a Prowler with a Holo Sight equipped. Being an SMG, this weapon can be top of the line when put to use by a highly mobile character such as Octane, however until this new glitch is patched, players may want to steer clear of the weapon or the new skin altogether.

Obscuring roughly half of the screen, the new costume overlays everything in sight, even the reticle of the weapon itself.

Not only will the combination of items and cosmetics obscure your line of sight in the midst of combat, but it can also block your vision on nearby loot as well. Making it one of the more damaging bugs in recent Apex history.

Fortunately, the issue can be completely avoided by simply not equipping the flashy new skin. If you do want to flex with the new item in-game however, just be sure to avoid equipping the Prowler and a Holo Sight at all costs.

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