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How to find keycards to activate Apex Legends Arena teaser in Firing Range

Published: 16/Apr/2021 18:48 Updated: 20/Apr/2021 17:06

by Calum Patterson


In the build-up to Season 9, players will be able to activate a new teaser in the game, believed to be for the new Arena mode. Although you can’t activate it yet, here’s what you need to look out for, and the dates when it will go live.

The heavily leaked arena mode is expected to allow players to compete in more head-to-head battles, akin to team deathmatch style modes.

We’ll have to wait until Respawn themselves confirm their full plans for this mode in the future, but for now, we know that we can expect a very detailed in-game teaser to be available in-game soon.


Leakers have already shown what the teaser itself will look like, but for you to see it yourself, there will be a few hoops you need to jump through first.

How to activate Firing Range arena teaser

Step 1: Find Keycards

The first step to activate the teaser will be available on April 16, and requires you to collect a keycard from care packages.

Care package keycard in apex legends
Starting April 16, Keycards will be retrievable from care packages.

Step 2: Listen to phone message

The next step is easy. A phone will appear in the main lobby of the game, and you’ll just need to interact with it and listen to the message.

It will reveal that a new challenge awaits in the Arena.

Step 3: Find holo-sprays

The next step will be to find holo-sprays scattered around Kings Canyon and Olympus.


Gold Holospray locations

Kings Canyon:

Gold Holospray locations
All possible locations for the gold holosprays on Kings Canyon


Olympus locations
All possible gold holospray locations on Olympus.

Here is what the holosprays will look like in-game.

arena holo-spray on kings canyon and olympus

Step 4: Enter passcode in Firing Range

The fifth and final step is to activate the teaser itself. This will be available on April 20.

This can be found on the new platform near the back of the Firing Range, that was added in the Chaos Theory update.

This will send a ship down, which you’ll then enter, and be taken to the location of the Arena, where Ash will have a message for you.

firing range teaser activation
The spot to activate the teaser itself is in the firing range.

Thanks to Biast12 and GarretLeaks for the information for the teaser.

Step-by-Step: Arena teaser in Apex Legends

  1. Collect keycard from care packages
  2. Press the phone in the lobby and listen to the message
  3. Find holo-sprays on Kings Canyon & Olympus
  4. Press the button on the Firing Range platform and wait for the ship

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete the teaser yourself, as you can always see the end result from other players anyway. When Season 9 drops on May 4, we expect that everyone will be able to try out the Arena mode for themselves.