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Apex Legends leak reveals TDM-style mode played on Kings Canyon

Published: 12/Jan/2021 10:07 Updated: 12/Jan/2021 10:08

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Apex Legends leak has shed more light on details about a team deathmatch style game mode coming to the battle royale, and it looks like it could be pretty fun.

Across the different Apex Legends seasons, Respawn Entertainment have pumped out a number of unique limited-time modes – including a third-person mode, a night time map, and even an all-gold weapons mode. 

As well as those that have actually appeared in-game, a number of others have been leaked, and never actually arrived.

The most notable of these is a team deathmatch style mode. Initial details were leaked back when the game launched in 2019. However, in October of 2020, an ‘arena’ tag was found in the game’s files, and now, a new leak has shed even more light on details about what the mode will entail.

Respawn Entertainment
Skull Town would make a perfect “Arena” map in Apex Legends.

Again, the information comes from reliable Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal, who posted the follow-up leak back in October as well.

“Arena triggers found in latest King’s Canyon map file. 3v3 TDM-style mode, teams spawn on A and B in Gibby bubble. 4 different loadouts,” the leaker tweeted on January 11. “One airdrop in center, one medical supply bin spawn at the side. 3 Ring stages. Many different “arenas” in different King’s Canyon areas.”

The leaker also provided a rough sketch of what the mode could look like, based on the details that had been uncovered. If the real thing is anything like that, it seems this would be a frantic mode. 

Shrugtal also noted that there at least seven different ‘arenas’ as it stands. Though, things could change based on testing and nothing is final as of now. 

Even though we’ve got some pretty juicy details on the mode, there’s nothing confirmed about when it could go live in Apex.

Season 7 only has a few weeks left, and we’ve already had a few limited-time modes there. So, it could be the case that this mode is being left for Season 8 – the game’s second anniversary season. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals ranked solos and more game modes in the works

Published: 15/Jan/2021 10:45

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Apex Legends leak has pointed at more game modes coming in Season 8 and beyond, including ranked Solos mode and another iteration of Kings Canyon. 

As the Apex Legends seasons have gone on, Respawn Entertainment have added a number of different game modes to the battle royale. For the most part, these limited-time modes have either been slight or major tweaks on the typical last man standing formula of a battle royale.

With Season 8 on the horizon, some leaks have started to filter out about Apex’s second anniversary season – including who we might see as a new legend, current legend tweaks, and of course, limited-time modes. 

These leaks have revealed a team deathmatch-like game mode, that would be played on Kings Canyon, coming to Apex at some point, but a fresh set of leaks have revealed that the devs have more than just that up their sleeve.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex has been awash with LTMs, just like the Winter Express mode.

Apex Legends leaker SomeoneWhoLeaks posted the new images on January 14, showing the activity feed from somebody testing out new game modes ahead of Season 8. 

Them team deathmatch style mode – known as Arenas – makes an appearance, as does something called Anniversary Event Kings Canyon, as well as game modes called Locked and Loaded and Death Trigger.

However, what is the most interesting part of it all, is that there a reference to a Ranked Solos mode. It does look a little different from the rest as its listed as “#PL_Ranked_Leagues_solo!”

Its inclusion is incredibly interesting as, whenever fans have asked for a solos mode, Respawn has been against it – stating that they have data that points to solos not being “healthy” for the battle royale.

They reiterated their position on January 8, saying that a solos mode would not be coming to Apex. It could be a case that the mode is being tested to assess more data, so, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens here.