All gold loot locations on Olympus in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
Gold Alternator in Apex Legends

Gold items are a hot commodity in Apex Legends, and when it comes to Olympus, they are guaranteed to appear in three spots – but you might not always get what you want. 

It’s been a few weeks since Olympus joined the Apex Legends map rotation with the start of Season 7. Players have cemented their favorite drop spots, rotations, and items to use in that time as well.

Unlike its counterparts World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, the map in the sky doesn’t have any loot vaults or bunkers, so some players might assume that the loot isn’t as good on Olympus. Though, that’s not true.

There are some spots around the map where you can get some guaranteed gold weapons, similar to how Kings Canyon’s vaults operated. However, with these spots being accessible right from the drop, you should expect some company if you decide to head there.

apex legends season 7 gold loot
The Sentinel can be found as a gold weapon on Olympus.

Guaranteed Gold loot spots on Olympus in Apex Legends

In total, there are three spots around Olympus where you can get gold weapons. Unlike Kings Canyon’s bunkers, these spots don’t have a set weapon or item to find. Instead, they rotate what will be available on a game-by-game basis. 

These three spots are Oasis Cafe – which is a quick jump down the elevator shafts that sit inside the main Oasis location, Research Basin, and Elysium. 

Research Basin is, perhaps, the most contested drop of the three because you can rotate to Hammond Labs quickly, so watch out. Elysium has gold weapons that focus more on long-range fights, so you can grab one and quickly move on, rotating to somewhere like Grow Towers.

  • Oasis Cafe – Gold knockdown shield, Gold Havoc, Gold Alternator, Gold Wingman, Gold G7 Scout, Gold Sentinel
  • Research Basin – Gold Wingman, Gold G7 Scout, Gold barrel stabilizer 
  • Elysium – Gold knockdown shield, Gold Wingman, Gold Sentinel, Gold Armour
Map of the guranteed gold loot spots in Apex Legends Olympus map.
These are the three locations where you can find guaranteed gold loot.

As noted, the items at these spots will rotate on a game-by-game basis, so don’t get locked in on grabbing, say, a gold Alternator every game. It won’t happen. 

However, knowing that these spots will have, at least, some of the best loot in the game available from the start should give you a leg up on opponents if you get out alive. So, get out there and become an Apex Champion.

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