Alarming Loba design issue makes her vulnerable in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s character design has been found to have some inconsistencies in Apex Legends that could lead to some big issues with her in the Arena, according to The Gaming Merchant.

The battle royale’s community have noticed that her character model and her hitbox didn’t really align in the High Society Thief’s mid-section. The visual bug made hits appear as shots that should have been clear near-misses.

But The Gaming Merchant took a deep dive into Loba’s design and found a more pressing issue than her hitbox, since technically its is roughly the same size as other Legends in her classification.

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The popular Apex YouTuber took Loba into the range and found that her “head perspective” doesn’t let players adequately gauge cover when she’s tucked behind an object.

The Merchant found this could easily lead to a scenario where a player might take a shot or two to the head without even knowing they were susceptible to being hit.

The Gaming Merchant YouTube
Loba players could be exposed for a shot behind cover without realizing it.

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“Loba’s camera is a different issue,” The Gaming Merchant explained. “Her camera isn’t where her forehead is [similar to the other Legends]. In fact, when you crouch down, pretty much her whole head is showing above the cover when her camera isn’t able to peek out of this cover.”

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Like in most FPS titles, this is something that will happen most of the time. The player’s perspective doesn’t exactly cover the entire head that would be exposed and visible to other players.

However, Loba’s head, compared to Legends like Crypto and Octane, is completely above an edge that the player would otherwise think they are hidden by.

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The Gaming Merchant said this is a hindrance on the character that could definitely catch people off guard who think they’re safe while healing or reloading.

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Respawn would be able to quickly fix this by moving the camera placement slightly higher so people can have a better sense of where they stand, according to the YouTuber.

This seems like a simple change that would make it much easier for Apex players to know when Loba is in or out of cover, and could be a start to fixing the Season 5 Legend.

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