5 things Apex Legends should add

Respawn Entertainment added some huge competition to the battle royale landscape with its release of Apex Legends but there are still many features fans would like adding to the title to take it to the next level.

Firstly we have a replay system, which many fans have asked to be added whether they be casual or competitive players. This would allow players to go back and watch their crazy clutches or allow players to examine their own play and check how they can improve.

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Similarly, a killcam feature would be a welcome addition. With this, you can finally find out where that silent enemy came up to you from, or see how close you really were to winning that intense gunfight.

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The following two features have been asked for since the games launch in February 2019: Permanent solo/duo modes and cross-platform integration. Both these features speak for themselves and would immediately make a difference for fans of the battle royale title, especially as they greatly change up how you can play with your friends or teammates, or even fly in solo if you so wish.

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Finally, we have the ability to pick your favorite legend. This would prevent those annoying times where you go AFK after readying up and come back to see yourself piloting a legend you haven’t played in 4 months and trying to figure out the unfamiliar new changes.

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