Clever Apex Legends tactic perfectly counters Wattson & Caustic campers

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Coming across a team in Apex Legends who bunkers down with Wattson’s Interception Pylon and Caustic’s Gas Traps can be hard to play around. Luckily, there’s an incredibly effective way to go through them.

Twitch streamer and #1 ranked Apex Predator ‘FunFPS’ came across a team in their match who was determined to play the zone by camping in a nearby structure. At first attempt, the streamer and his team were vehemently denied access by the opponents’ web of Perimeter Security nodes and Nox Gas Traps.

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After thwarting the attempts of nearby teams to ‘third-party’ them, Fun regathered his troops to lay a siege on the camping team.

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“We’re literally going to break the Wattson relay and we’re just gonna nade-spam,” Fun said.

A straightforward approach, to be sure, but it was going to take a hard-commit from the team to pull off the strat since there were going to be a couple of people diving into the bunker to fend for themselves.

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The Toxic Trapper can excel at keeping Apex Legends players out of places too.

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With the protection of his Revenant’s Death Totem, which was the key to this plan working, the streamer was ready to break the threshold to exploit the other team’s passive playstyle.

Not worrying about the broken door entrance, which was heavily fortified by layers of electric fences, the player ignored the Legends hiding in the building and focused on the true objective.

The first thing that had to go was the ticking damage of the Nox Gas trap nearby. After that, he destroyed the node that was preventing his teammates from entering the site.

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Once the defense matrix was crippled, he peered through the activated gas to locate and take down Wattson’s Ultimate.

As soon as he gave the call that the anti-projectile barrier was offline, his team started to rain down Frag Grenades, Thermites, and Arc Stars – creating utter chaos for the team whose iron-clad fortress was now turned against them.

There are fun ways to outclass opponents and then there are smart ways to go about it. But sometimes, as FunFPS found, there can be a happy middle ground to overcoming an annoying strategy in Apex Legends.

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