Loba’s hitbox in Apex Legends is apparently very broken

Respawn Entertainment via sant_priya

Loba’s hitbox in Apex Legends has some inconsistencies that make her a much easier target to shoot than her character model lets on – posing an unintended problem for the latest character.

The Season 5 Legend has been a fan-favorite for her fun ability kit that rewards aggressive playstyles and access to loot mechanics which keep her well-equipped, even in the early stages of a game.

Though the support character has a slimmer profile to her appearance than others, her hitbox doesn’t play by the same rules. Near the middle of her model, opponents can get away with a bit of inaccuracy since the shots can still land.

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User ‘sant_priya’ found out after shooting some rounds near her torso that Loba’s hitbox is just slightly off the mark. This makes her midsection more prone to errant shots, as some players “noticed [they were] taking a lot of hits as her.”

Taking her to the Firing Range, they aimed down just under her left elbow, but considerably away from her torso. Firing a shot, however, damaged the Epic Body Shielded-Loba for 13 HP.

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Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s hitbox in Apex Legends can be bigger than players would expect.

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Repeating this method to the other side of the High Society Thief yielded the same results, as a shot fired away from her character model managed to deal the same amount of damage.

Even though the example that uses a P2020 is basically harmless, a near-miss Kraber shot that wouldn’t normally land could be more problematic to deal with in the later stages of the game.

Respawn are generally quick to patch these kinds of bugs up when they catch wind of them. The devs previously addressed similar issues like this one for Legends like Octane, Gibraltar, Wraith, and more.

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These kinds of inconsistencies can affect how players approach Apex Legends, especially if multiple characters have the same kind of problem.

“Seriously I don’t know if I’m just overthinking it but the hitboxes for each character have made me switch Legends so much this season,” user ‘demiweeps’ said. “I feel like playing as Bloodhound if I’m face-to-face with a Wraith/Lifeline I get destroyed so often but it doesn’t really happen as much if I’m playing as a smaller character, but then I feel like I’m getting lasered by people like 300m away.”

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Loba players wondering why they’re getting smashed in the game could have run into the hitbox issues too. If there are persistent reports caused by the bug, then expect Respawn to take a closer look at the problem soon.

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