Aceu claims another scan Legend is coming next in Apex Legends Season 12

Alex Garton
Aceu Apex Legends scan
Twitch: Aceu/Respawn Entertainment

NRG’s Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has hinted that Season 12 of Apex Legends will add another character with scan and “wallhack” abilities to the game.

In the last few seasons, every character Respawn has added to Apex Legends has had an ability that is capable of revealing the exact location of enemy squads.

Whether it’s Valkyrie’s Jet-Fighter HUD, Seer’s Heart Seeker Passive, or Ash’s Marked for Death ability, they’re all immensely powerful, especially in the late game.

However, not everyone in the community is happy that the devs are making these design choices and have encouraged Respawn to stop adding “wallhack” abilities.

Despite this, according to NRG’s aceu, there’s a chance the Season 12 Legend will continue this trend and reinforce the already prevalent scan meta.

Mad Maggie Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Leaks have suggested Mad Maggie will be the Season 12 Legend.

Aceu reveals Season 12 Legend could have “wallhack” abilities

During aceu’s December 26 Twitch stream, one of his viewers expressed that they wished all wallhack characters were removed from the game.

Aceu agreed with the statement but quickly delivered some bad news to his fans, revealing that he’d heard that the Season 12 Legend would also have some kind of scan ability.

While he did mention straight after the potential leak that he “could be wrong”, it’s obvious aceu thought the information was already widely known.

“I’m pretty sure the next character also has a wallhack ability, could be wrong, definitely could be wrong but I’m pretty sure.”

With dataminers and leakers suggesting that Fuse’s past companion Mad Maggie will be arriving in Season 12 as the new Legend, it’ll be interesting to see whether aceu is right.

Another scan-based character in Apex Legends may not be very popular within the community, given the overpowered state of Seer at release and complaints about Ash’s Passive.

Either way, Season 12 is set to go live in early February so until then, it’s just a case of waiting for any more leaks or official information from the devs.