Spy x Family episode 18 review: Anya’s first midterm exam

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Spy x Family episode 18 centers around Anya’s first midterm exam, which she must pass in order for Operation Strix to continue smoothly.

The newest episode of Spy x Family part 2 continues following Anya, the main protagonist of the series. She’s back in school, and has two weeks left to prepare for her very first midterm exam. During her preparation, the Forger family help the child study in their own unique ways. Yor goes as far as to call Yuri to help tutor her step-daughter.

This particular episode’s humorous execution shines brightly, even when compared with the other episodes in part 2, making for an incredibly uplifting and light viewing experience.

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A quick spoiler warning below for Spy x Family episode 18!

Anya can’t use her powers

Anya’s original diabolical plan was to cheat by copying Damian’s answers, and thereby win herself a Stella. But her plans are trashed when she realizes the exam occurs on an eclipse, which she reveals is the one time she’s not able to use her telepathic abilities.

This forces Anya to stand on her own two legs. She rolls up her sleeves, and very reluctantly begins studying after attempting to avoid it as long as possible. Her facial expressions reflect the child’s disdain for studying.

Spy x family episode 18Crunchyroll
Anya freaks out after sleeping instead of studying

Anya’s disdain for studying makes her a very relatable character, as every student has faced such a struggle. Despite hating studying and not having access to her signature telepathic abilities, the protagonist tackles the dilemma head on without taking any shortcuts, and without relying on anyone else.

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The Forger family’s failed attempt to help

Yor calls in Yuri to help tutor Anya, and Loid breaks into the school to change his daughter’s answers.

Though she didn’t end up requiring their intervention, since she passed the midterm on her own, these scenes provide heartwarming and hilarious interactions.

While attempting to teach Anya, Yuri reveals that all the work he put in throughout his entire life was because he wanted to make the world a better place for his sister. Since he’s seen technically as an antagonist in Spy x Family, Yuri’s adorable family connected motivation make him nearly impossible to hate.

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As for Loid, he puts on a disguise and breaks into the academy. To his surprise, he discovers another undercover spy, who does a terrible job. He goes by the name of Daybreak, and desires to become Twilight’s rival.

This character serves as stark contrast to Loid, helping highlight Loid’s skills as a spy which the viewers often take for granted.

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