Spy x Family Episode 25 review: First contact

Spy x Family episode 25Crunchyroll

Spy x Family Episode 25 marks the conclusion of the season alongside Loid Forger’s very first contact with Donovan Desmond, the main antagonist.

Spy x Family Episode 25 is the official conclusion for Part II of the series. And unlike many of the filler episodes, the finale marks a momentous occasion for the Spy x Family anime: Loid Forger and Donovan Desmond meet for the very first time.

Though there’s little character development in the Forger family for this particular episode, Damian Desmond shines in the finale, finally managing to speak up for himself to his rather intimidating father.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

Anya’s failed stalking

In the beginning of the episode, Anya attempts to follow alongside Damian in hopes of finding more information out regarding his father. But as she does so, Becky assumes she’s attempting to meet Damian’s father in hopes of marriage.

As Anya stakes out in hiding, she falls asleep — prompting Becky to bring the child back to her home. If Anya had been at there during Donovan Desmond’s first official debut, she would have been able to read his mind. But in doing so, she may have also blown Loid’s cover alongside blown up the entire cold war.

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Therefore, the fact that she fell asleep serves the story quite well. And it’s also simply hilarious.

Loid meets Donovan Desmond

This is the most intense scene in all of Spy x Family, at least in regards to Loid’s cover. Prior to this event, Loid Forger’s cover is always so nonchalant. His professionalism easily wins the trust of everyone around him, resulting in Twilight very casually blending in.

But the meeting with Donovan Desmond is completely different. For the first time in the series, Twilight has encountered someone he cannot break or analyze efficiently. Donovan Desmond’s guard is up at all times, and his blank stare shows distrust in every individual that he meets — Spy x Family’s protagonist is no exception.

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In an attempt to loosen Donovan’s defense, Loid shares a speech regarding family, where he draws inspiration from his familiar relationship with Anya. This draws from his real thoughts, and lacks the superficial fluff he often relies on when undercover. And in doing so, Loid’s words alongside Anya’s little speech prior inspire Damian to speak up to his father.

This rant from Damian isn’t one filled with anger of neglect. Instead, it’s purely him telling his father what he’s been up to. From test scores, earning a stella, and even failing a recent language test, these are seemingly small things when compared to the cold war looming over the world.

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Rather than brushing his son off, as he usually does, Donovan Desmond accepts his son’s words and tells him he’s proud of him. This wouldn’t have been possible without Anya and Loid’s intervention, showing their positive influence despite their ulterior motives and manipulation.

The finale for Spy x Family Part II isn’t necessarily ground breaking, but most committed fans wouldn’t want it to be. The series’ strengths lie in its intentional slow pacing, drawing attention to the slice of life moments rather than artificial acceleration of the base premise.

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But still, the first contact does mark a momentous occasion for the series, albeit Loid doesn’t learn all that much regarding his target.

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