Spy x Family episode 19 review: George’s failed pity party

Spy x family episode 19 reviewCrunchyroll

Spy x Family episode 19 focuses on two separate side stories. The first highlights a random character’s supposed last day of school, and the other focuses on Yor’s adventure to help Anya in school.

The stories introduced in Spy x Family episode 19 do little to progress the overall plot of the anime forward, but remain true to Spy x Family’s slice of life genre.

In essence, each story presented in the episode is entertaining and charming in its own way, making for a casual and light hearted watch. Little to nothing that occurs in this episode impacts the overall story progression, which hurts the series’ long term engagement while also increasing its appeal for newer viewers.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

George’s embarrassing misunderstanding

Introduced in Spy x Family episode 19 is George, one of Damian’s and Anya’s classmates. According to the child, his father’s company is going bankrupt, and he expects to be expelled from school after becoming homeless.

George chooses to blame Damian, and seeks revenge. Anya prevents his attempts to bring Damian down with him, as she needs Damian in the school to complete her own mission of saving the world. The side character then reveals he will soon be leaving Eden Academy, which forces those around him to treat him well on his last day.

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After an eventful final day at school, George returns home only to learn his father’s company was acquired, and that his father gets to keep his job. George’s life is essentially unphased, and he returns to school the very next day.

Nothing substantial occurs during this scene. Outside of Anya’s small moments of hilarity, this first story does little to add color to the preexisting characters in Spy X Family, and instead highlights a character we will likely never see again.

Anya’s forgotten items

The Forger family start their morning routine, beginining with Anya oversleeping and eating breakfast with the rest of her family. After Anya leaves for school, Yor realizes her step-daughter forgot her gym uniform, prompting Yor to sneak around Eden Academy.

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Yor parkours through the city, showing off her super-human abilities. Her swift movements are easily the action highlights for the episode, providing the viewers a jump of adrenaline with each masterful leap.

Upon reaching Eden Academy, the wife of the Forger family undergoes numerous trials, testing her quick thinking and wit. She manages to deliver the uniform to Anya successfully, only to find out her daughter didn’t need her uniform to begin with.

This moment highlights Yor’s blissful ignorance alongside her growing sense of responsibility for her child. And Loid’s response to Yor’s actions show off his growing empathy.

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Unlike the previous story, this portion of Spy x Family episode 19 focuses on a fan favorite character, showcasing some slight character growth.

But as previously mentioned, the events in this episode have little to no impact on the overall story progression, decreasing the episode’s relevance while increasing appeal for casual viewers.

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