Spy x Family episode 17 review: Anya’s diabolical plan

Spy x Family episode 17Crunchyroll

Spy x Family episode 17 begins with Anya’s continued attempt to befriend Damian Desmond, the second son of the main antagonist.

Spy x Family episode 17 covers three mini-character arcs. These stories help display the characters’ various personalities and quirks.

Once again, the series showcases its masterful handling of the slice-of-life genre. It covers delightful day-to-day stories, which conclude within the episode.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

Anya’s diabolical plan to win Damian’s affection

Spy x Family episode 17 begins with Anya’s return back to her everyday school life. During her class time, Anya has one most immediate objective: befriend Damian Desmond. In order to grow closer with her classmate, the protagonist hatches a diabolical plan – which quickly goes awry.

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She attempts to help Damian create an art project, after which Damian would have to be thankful for Anya’s kind efforts. But in doing so, Anya practically destroys Damian’s project, creating an incredibly pitiful-looking animal.

The second son to the dictator lashes out at Anya. To his surprise, his art piece won the first place award – yet he still doesn’t give Anya the satisfaction or gratification she desires.

This section’s pacing is well-handled. Anya’s friendship with Damian directly relates to the biggest plot of the Spy x Family part two, but the mission for the episode creates a very concise goal to be achieved.

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Though Anya succeeded in her goal for Spy x Family episode 17, Damian’s treatment makes her believe she failed miserably.

By beginning with Anya’s story, the episode moves the plot a significant deal forward, all the while not introducing any massive new arcs.

Loid’s secret meeting

During an intel trade, Loid and Fullmetal Lady, the Handler, meet up. Nothing of incredible substance occurs during this scene, but the inner thoughts of both characters are shared.

Both are very cautious when meeting up, signaling one another, and checking for stalkers. Risking their lives for a normal get-together, the two trade information.

When asked to inform her on Operation Strix, the save the world mission which serves as the base premise for the entire series, Loid replies with a nonsensical answer.

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“She can now jump rope five times in a row.”

Fullmetal Lady’s most immediate thought is ‘what in the world is he on about?’

These interactions show both characters’ more human sides, as their inner thoughts during these routine intense meet-ups are shown. When it gets down to business, the two communicate in a very professional manner. Their serious demeanors play contrast with their thoughts, which are quite entertaining.

Yuri’s superpower

This scene occurs after the ending song and takes up only a small portion of the episode. It reveals Yuri and Yor as children. Yor cooks, then feeds her little brother her homemade food. Yuri eats the food, then pukes. Despite the liquids spewing out of his mouth, the child smiles brightly.

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“Sis you’re such an amazing cook, I bet you can get married in no time!” Yuri told his sister after a filling meal.

Embarrassed, the future assassin slaps her little brother across the face, sending him flying across the room. According to the narrator, that was how Yuri “obtained an invincible body.”

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