Sakamoto Days anime announced, and it’s coming soon

Anthony McGlynn
Sakamoto Days anime

After some uncertainty, the Sakamoto Days anime has officially been confirmed, with a trailer showing off the adaptation and a release date.

Sakamoto Days, an increasingly popular manga from Yuta Suzuki, has been tipped to become an anime show for some time. Just recently, an adaptation scheduled for Netflix was listed in a trade magazine, before being quietly removed from the list.

Evidence was pointing towards something happening, and now we have full proof, with a proper reveal. There’s a trailer, special visual, and the announcement that the Sakamoto Days anime will release in January 2025.

TMS Entertainment is handling the series, and given this is the historic production house behind Dr Stone, Fruits Basket and Bakugan, it’s in safe hands. Masaki Watanabe is directing, but more excitingly, Taku Kishimoto is writing the scripts.

Formerly on the floor at Studio Ghibli, Taku cut out on his own, writing screenplays for Haikyuu!!, Erased and many more. He scripted The Deer King in 2022, one of the best anime movies of that year.

What the trailer or official PR don’t address is Netflix’s potential involvement. It’s not unlikely Netflix have their own advertising for the subtitled and dubbed versions, if the service is distributing in English-speaking territories, but so far, that connection is unsubstantiated.

There’s clearly a healthy amount of investment going into Sakamoto Days, as you can see in the trailer as well, where some CGI is used to complement bright, vivacious aesthetics and movement. If you aren’t aware, Sakamoto Days follows a retired hitman, Tara Sakamoto, who’s drawn out of hiding when his family is targeted by vengeful mobsters.

Except plenty of style and more than a few laughs. We have an upcoming anime list, for more top releases, and you should keep an eye on our guides to Tower of God Season 2 and Solo Leveling Season 2 for when they’ll come out as well.