Pokemon fans call out Pikachu’s blatant “racism”

Tristan Stringer

Pokemon fans are (jokingly) claiming that Pikachu is experiencing a fall from grace, after a thread of his “racist” Pokemon imitations went viral.

We all love Pokemon, the games we pour countless hours into at home or on the go, the trading card game fans collect en masse, and the anime we grew up with. The face of Pocket Monsters, Pikachu, is a household name that brings happiness to the world, or so we thought after the adorable electric-type faces some awful accusations.

What happens when Pokemon go bad? Do they join Team Rocket? Kick up a natural disaster that requires calling in the Pokemon Rangers to help? That is possibly true, but Pokemon Champion Ash Ketchum may need to answer for his Pikachu actions after a fan pointed out his hilarious imitations of other Pokemon.

Pokemon fans list Pikachu’s “rude” imitations

X/Twitter user and possible ex-Pikachu enthusiast “@MelohTweets” posted a thread with photo evidence documenting a history of imitating other Pokemon’s likeness, leading fans to go along with the joke that Pikachu is a “racist.”

Of course, no one seriously considers Pikachu “racist” as this post pokes fun at the situation, fans joining in on the joke in the replies saying such jokes as, “When is he going to answer for his crimes?” and, “They really trying to cancel my brother Pikachu” as if the situation were really happening. Although if Pokemon were real, we’d hope for more fun-filled adventures rather than situations than this.

While there’s photo evidence of Pikachu being a copycat directly to other Pokemon, it’s more of a showcase of the beloved Pokemon icon’s ability to pull off such hilarious impressions of other Pokemon to the degree where you can visibly guess who Pikachu is trying to be. That would make a game of “Who’s that Pokemon!” much more complicated.

Pikachu has seemingly got away with these “innocent imitations” until an imitation of Ivysaur, posted by @raysinette_, was apparently the straw that broke the Camerupt’s back and lead to fans making these amusing accusations.

The incident in question has drawn a lot of ironic attention to the beloved Pokemon icon. Fans pointed out Pikachu’s aggressive approach and imitation, laughing in Ivysaur’s face, and ran away. Anyone watching the clip will see Pikachu having fun with a buddy as Ash makes a phone call; fans took this clip and ran with the gag that Pikachu has been caught red-handed.

While we know Pikachu is as innocent as he appears, fans like getting a chuckle at the thought of the face of Pokemon getting into some severe over-the-top trouble that would cause global celebrity tabloids to go crazy if they were true.