Pokemon Go players slam fan for disrespecting “God”

Jessica Filby
pokemon anime bidoof

Pokemon Go is filled with powerful Pokemon, but only one is referred to as God – and the player base doesn’t take kindly to trainers slamming its strength.

There are so many great memes surrounding Pokemon Go, but one of the more popular ongoing jokes surrounds the lovely Bidoof. This otherwise useless Pokemon has been subject to some extreme praise and love, with many referring to the Hundo version of it as “God.”

Naturally, even if it does have maximum stats, a Hundo Bidoof won’t pack a punch in PvP, Raids, or really anywhere. But that won’t stop the community from slamming players who disrespect the almighty “peanut butter” Pokemon.

That same community rallied to Bidoof’s side when one Pokemon Go player asked “What am I supposed to do with this” while sharing their Hundo Bidoof.

“This little goblin decided to weasel his way into my box thanks to the plus+, I hate this little turd burglar” commented the poster, slamming their catch.

However, rather than sympathy, the community began to disagree with their wording and opinion, creating some hilarious discussions.

“Do not mock your God, mortal” joked one player, while another claimed that “OP is being ungrateful, they know not of the glory that is God Bidoof.”

Others were quick to call the OP “blasphemous” for even suggesting the Pokemon was a “little goblin” or not worth having. In fact, many were begging the player to “max out” Bidoof to get the most out of its ‘power’.

As previously mentioned, Bidoof is far from powerful, but Pokemon fans worship the adorable little ‘mon. In fact, a fair few recommended that the player “Love him, cherish him, hold him gently so he never leaves you, make sure he knows he’s the bestest baby boy ever.”

It just goes to show how loved Bidoof really is in Pokemon Go, and how much they’ll rally if you disrespect their “God.”