One Piece Chapter 1097 spoilers hint at a character’s death

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An image of Luffy in One Piece

One Piece manga is currently featuring Kuma’s past, as Chapter 1097 might set the stage for a character’s death. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One Piece builds its expansive world through flashbacks and certain incidents that trigger major incidents in the world. The manga is currently featuring Kuma’s flashback, and it couldn’t be more tragic. We see his difficult childhood as a slave. 

As someone from the Buccaneer Race, Kuma’s existence was considered taboo among the World Government. Because of the “sin” committed by his ancestors, Kuma’s family was turned into slaves when his bloodline was revealed. 

The upcoming chapters will feature his life as a Revolutionary and probably his transition into Pacifista. Delve deeper to find out which character will likely die in the upcoming chapters of One Piece. Warning: This article contains major spoilers from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1097!

One Piece Chapter 1097 sets the stage for a minor character’s death

An image of Ginny from One Piece

One Piece recently introduced a slave turned revolutionary, Ginny. She was with Ivankov in God Valley and teamed up with Kuma. The trio, along with several other slaves and civilians of God Valley, struggled to survive. Taking advantage of the ongoing battle, 500 of them managed to escape. Ginny and Kuma stayed in Sorbet Kingdom and parted ways with Ivankov.

According to the latest spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1097 will feature the dark truth behind the Sorbet Kingdom. We will also see Dragon and Ivankov leading the Freedom Fighters, a special military group. They will overthrow the tyrant king of the Sorbet Kingdom. Kuma also became a member of the Freedom Fighters.

After Dragon formed the Revolutionary Army, the trio also joined him and became high-ranking members. By the end of the chapter, 14 years have passed since then, and Dragon receives news of Ginny’s kidnapping.

Ginny was first introduced in the flashback. Considering she’s one of the oldest members of the Revolutionary Army, we should’ve seen her among the other higher-ups. However, the fact that Ginny isn’t among them and that she was once kidnapped in the past all hint toward her death. 

Eiichiro Oda often introduces new characters in someone’s flashback and kills them off to make the entire backstory even more tragic. Judging by the mangaka’s pattern from all these years, it won’t be shocking if Kuma’s past also features Ginny’s death. She’s also rumored to be either Luffy’s or Bonney’s mother, but the series has yet to confirm it.

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