Hell’s Paradise: Sagiri’s rank in the Yamada clan explained

An image of Sagiri vs Gabimaru in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri is one of the primary characters in Hell’s Paradise. She is the only ranked woman in the clan — but it’s exceptionally low.

In Hell’s Paradise, Samurai are soldiers who are in service to a daimyo, or feudal lord, as loyal retainers. Among them are the influential Yamada Clan, who are famous for being executioners, sword testers, and making medicines. 

They contribute to society in many ways and are highly regarded by the Shogunate. However, due to their nature of work, they are treated as Ronin and don’t enjoy the privileges of serving the Shogun. Therefore, they cannot obtain lordship, rice revenue, or any other sort of benefit from the Shogun. 

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Their hierarchy is based on rankings and depends on one’s ability to lead the clan. However, despite having all the necessary skills, Sagiri’s rank in Hell’s Paradise is believed to be incredibly low.

The women from the Samurai family

An image of Yamada Asaemon Sagiri in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

Usually, the men from the Samurai families train in swordsmanship and other necessary skills to serve their lords. Women, on the other hand, are responsible for taking care of the family household. 

A clan head’s daughter is placed in an arranged marriage with the next clan head. They are additionally responsible for bearing children for the clan’s future generation. 

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Women can also become samurai. However, they are looked down on by male samurai. This is why, Sagiri and Isuzu are the only women in the Yamada Asaemon. While Sagiri has a low rank, Isuzu wasn’t even granted one.

Why is Sagiri’s rank low in Hell’s Paradise?

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Sagiri ranks 12th in the hierarchy of the Yamada Clan. This is the lowest rank given to any Asaemon. She is the daughter of the clan head and was expected to marry the future head but disappointed her family by becoming an executioner. 

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She is very skilled as an executioner and picks up some new skills on the island of Shinsenkyo. However, she cannot lead the clan because she’s a woman. Therefore, her rank is at the bottom. 

Women generally aren’t recognized as Samurai in the Yamada Clan. Therefore, no one obtains a rank. However, Yamada Asaemon Shugen, a second-rank executioner highly regarded by his peers, constantly pleasured to have Sagiri formally accepted into the clan. 

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Therefore, as a way to respect their talented Asaemon, the Yamada Clan only agreed to give her the lowest ranking possible. Even after years of serving the clan and making several accomplishments, Sagiri’s rank in the Yamada Clan remained the same.

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