Gege Akutami reveals his major “failure” in Jujutsu Kaisen

Tulisha srivastava
Jujutsu Kaisen character death Tsumiki Fushiguro

Jujutsu Kaisen is currently holding an exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie, where Gege Akutami has revealed a huge “failure” in creating the story.

The Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie shopping center in Tokyo showcases how the franchise’s stories, characters, and illustrations are created and refined. It also includes valuable storyboards and sketches before they are submitted as final manuscripts, as well as questions and answers from Gege Akutami.

The information is all provided in a special booklet which visitors can purchase from the exhibition. In one of the answers, Gege Akutami shares his major “failure.”

According to a popular JJK account, “Gege says he wanted to make Culling Game as a tournament-style battle. This would have allowed him to make a Gojo Rescue arc and flesh out Tsumiki’s character more, But he couldn’t. So Gege humbly proclaims it to be a failure on his part.”

Tsumiki has always been the most important person in Megumi’s life, and she’s the reason he even became a sorcerer. However, fans know little about her, preventing them from understanding Megumi’s goals and actions.

As for the Culling Game Arc, instead of a tournament, it ended up being a battle royale with strict rules where participants kill each other. A tournament would’ve made the arc longer and allowed Gege to focus more on Tsumiki as well as add more character interactions.

The arc introduces several new and popular characters as well as explores Yuta Okkotsu’s powers. It is one of the most popular arcs in the series, but despite that, Gege seems unsatisfied by it.

One fan shares, “Well people still love the arc so there’s no need for Gege to worry about what people think. We’re almost at the end game anyway.”

“I love the self reflection but Culling Game is where my love of this series really skyrocketed, they could never make me hate you,” shares another.

Another fan shares, “I’m really hoping the anime can at least allow some breathing room with more character interaction, that’s the only fault I see since the plot is on a rapid pace without giving more time for other characters.”

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