Berserk manga finally announces return date, and fans can’t believe it

Anamika Das

Berserk manga finally has a return date now, making fans overjoyed with its comeback.

Berserk, one of the most critically acclaimed and influential manga of all time, is finally coming back on Friday, April 26, 2024. Created by Kentarou Miura, this dark fantasy manga is known for its hard-hitting storyline and its jaw-droppingly beautiful art. 

Almost six months after Chapter 375, the creators have finally announced the return date of the manga. Berserk Chapter 376 will be released on April 26 in the upcoming Issue 9-10/2024 of the Young Animal magazine. Reports say there will be a color page for the return of the beloved manga.

Kicking off in 1989, Berserk impressed fans for decades with its complex characters and elaborate worldbuilding right up to the death of Miura in 2021. The manga author died at 54 from an acute aortic dissection, leaving his masterpiece work unfinished.

As the anime and manga industry as well as the worldwide fans of the series were mourning the author’s death, it was announced in 2022 that another mangaka, Kouji Mori, will supervise the manga from then on along with the artists of Studio Gaga.

Mori clarified to fans that he would never add his own twists to the manga and would abide by what Miura had told him before his untimely death. Though many fans were critical of another author taking over Berserk, most were happy that the story would continue.

Fans are very excited about the comeback of the seinen series and expressing their sentiments on social media platforms following the announcement of the return date of Berserk.

“No way, peak fiction is back!” says a user on X. “Finally, I waited so long,” comments another user.

“Let’s go!” is what most fans are chanting as the manga is about to resume its serialization.

There are a lot of expectations for the upcoming Berserk chapter. With the announcement of Berserk return date, fans are waiting eagerly to see what happens next with Guts and co and whether the manga lives up to Miura’s work.

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