Attack on Titan cosplayer rises through the ranks as Mikasa Ackerman

. 1 year ago
AoT Mikasa Ackerman cosplay
Reddit: u/yaaa29, Kodansha

Attack on Titan’s Final Season is lurking on the horizon, breaking the hearts of fans everywhere. This awesome cosplay, though, brings protagonist Mikasa Ackerman to life just in time for the conclusion. 

Attack on Titan has become one of the world’s most popular manga. With a successful anime version and a dedicated global fanbase just bursting with creativity, it’s no surprise that the title’s most lovable (and sometimes diabolical) characters have become popular with cosplayers.

One such character is Annie Lionheart, one of the series’ most divisive characters. We recently saw an insanely accurate recreation of the iconic Marleyan Warrior, and it’s safe to say there’s another cosplayer hot on her heels.

Looking to snatch the cosplay crown is u/yaaa29, who has perfectly recreated the fearsome Mikasa Ackerman.

AoT cosplayer recreates Season 4 Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan poses in fighting stance
Ackerman is beautiful, be we all know she’s just as deadly.

AoT has become instantly recognizable for both anime fans and those who are totally oblivious, with Mikasa being at the forefront of the franchise. A first glance at this cosplay would truly wow anyone.

Seen dressed in the soldier’s Survey Corps jacket with the prominent Scouting Legion logo and replicating the protagonist’s signature hairstyle, yaaa29 looks as though she’s gearing up to fight for humanity’s safety right this instant.

Additionally, she’s seen wearing Mikasa’s beloved red scarf that was a gift from Eren on their first meeting, and it’s tied perfectly to match the way the character wears it.

It’s her attitude that really makes this cosplay stand out, though. Channeling her inner pokerface, yaaa29 certainly isn’t someone that you’d mess with, yet you still sense some vulnerability behind that battle-hardened exterior.

With 1.2k upvotes on the dedicated AoT subreddit, it’s clear that fans are loving this recreation of the iconic character.

Respondents have called the cosplay everything from “amazing” to “perfect,” with one fan even going so far as to ask whether or not she “was the real Mikasa.”

We can’t wait to see if, in the wake of the Final Season, yaaa29 reprises Mikasa, or alternatively, another character. Only time will tell.

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