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How and where to catch Animal Crossing fish & bugs leaving after April

Published: 2/Apr/2020 1:59 Updated: 2/Apr/2020 2:02

by Alan Bernal


Certain bugs or fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be leaving after April ends, making it the perfect time to go on the hunt for critters like Tarantulas, Blue Marlin and more.

Depending on which hemisphere someone inhabits in the game, different varieties of animals will be available to catch or take off until later in the year.

While the Northern and Southern Hemisphere differ in creatures, players looking to fill up their Critterpedia will need to make sure to check these animals off their list before the month is over.

Northern Hemisphere bugs and fish

Don’t forget to get Blathers some rare catches before April ends.

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The Blue Marlin and the Tarantula will be leaving after the month. Both of these creatures can yield huge selling prices, as those familiar with Tarantula Island runs would know.


No other insect from the North Hemisphere will be taking off at month’s end, but the Dab and Tuna will be swimming elsewhere until they come back in October and November, respectively.

Insects Leaving after April
Name Location Time Price
Tarantula On the ground 7pm – 4am 8,000 Bells

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Fish Leaving after April
Name Location Shadow Size Time Price
Blue marlin Pier Huge All day 10,000 Bells
Dab Sea Medium-small All day 300 Bells
Tuna Pier Huge All day 7,000 Bells

Players will have all day to find Blue Marlins and Tuna located on the Piers, while Dabs can be found at sea.

Tarantulas can be found sporadically in between the times of 7PM and 4AM local times, but after the month they won’t return until November.

Southern Hemisphere bugs and fish

There’s going to be some butterflies missing from Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Southern Hemisphere.

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Players in the south end of the Animal Crossing world are facing a major exodus from both fronts at the end of April.


There’s going to be 10 different kinds of fish and bugs each that will be taking off before the start of May.

Insects Leaving after April
Name Location Time Price
Banded dragonfly Flying 8am – 5pm 4,500 Bells
Bell cricket On the ground 5pm – 8am 430 Bells
Darner dragonfly Flying 8am – 5pm 230 Bells
Ladybug On flowers 8am – 5pm 200 Bells
Man-faced stink bug On flowers 7pm – 8am 1,000 Bells
Red dragonfly Flying 8am – 7pm 180 Bells
Tiger beetle On the ground All day 1,500 Bells
Scorpion On the ground 7pm – 4am 8,000 Bells
Stinkbug On flowers All day 120 Bells
Yellow butterfly Flying 4am – 7pm 160 Bells

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Fish leaving after April
Name Location Shadow Size Time Price
Angelfish River Small 4pm – 9am 3,000 Bells
Betta River Small 9am – 4pm 2,500 Bells
Catfish Pond Medium-large 4pm – 9am 800 Bells
Giant trevally Pier Large All day 4,500 Bells
Mahi-mahi Pier Large All day 6,000 Bells
Moray eel Sea Thin All day 2,000 Bells
Rainbowfish River Tiny 9am – 4pm 800 Bells
Ribbon eel Sea Thin All day 600 Bells
Snapping Turtle River Large 9pm – 4am 5,000 Bells
Tilapia River Medium-small All day 800 Bells

The biggest catches that won’t be available anymore are the Scorpions, Banded dragonfly, Snapping Turtle, and Mahi-mahi.

Anyone of those catches gives thousands of Bells each and are difficult to find, especially since some are tied to different periods of time throughout the day.

Players should definitely take note of which Animal Crossing critters will be leaving New Horizons, since you could wait about half a year before they make their way back to the game.