Pokimane reveals she funded custom Among Us map made by Hafu and 5up

Among UsInnersloth

Among Us fans have been patiently waiting for the new map update for a while now, but Pokimane had some exciting news on another map that will release before Airship. 

Among Us continues to be a popular pick among Twitch streamers thanks to its exciting of gameplay of teamwork and betrayal. However, aside from a few minor updates, the game has received very little in the way of new content. While bugfixes and quality of life changes have been welcome, many Among Us fans have been itching to play on the game’s new Airship map

Unfortunately, developers Innersloth haven’t given any news on the map’s release date. While most Among Us fans will have to patiently wait for the upcoming level, it looks as though popular streamers Pokimane, Hafu, and 5up have other plans. 

Among UsInnersloth
Among Us continues to be a popular game amongst streamers.

During a recent Trainwreckstv stream, Pokimane announced she was helping Hafu and 5up make their very own Among Us map. “I actually have some exciting news,” Pokimane announced to the Trainwrecktv cast. 

“5up and Hafu are making a map, which I’m also helping fund and it’s going to come out before the new map. I don’t even know when the new map’s going to come out, but there’s going to be another map! It’s going to be cooler, it’s going to be better, it’s going to be awesome. Period.”

As of writing, Among Us currently has three maps available: The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus. While they all offer different mini-games and layouts, they have been getting rather dull, especially for those that play the game regularly on stream. After all, playing the same three maps is bound to get rather tiresome after a while. 

Whether Pokimane’s new map will be made available to the public remains to be determined, but it will undoubtedly provide us with plenty of hilarious Among Us clips. Pokimane will likely provide more news on the map’s development in the future, so we’ll provide more updates as and when we get them.