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Among Us

Among Us mod for Super Smash Bros Brawl is absolutely insane

Published: 6/Feb/2021 11:28

by Luke Edwards


They’ve finally done it, folks. After months of concept art, a Smash mod has been released which sees the Among Us Impostor battle it out with SSBB’s finest, complete with a full kit including sounds and animations. 

Among Us was the definitive hit multiplayer game of 2020. Originally only available on PC and mobile, the game was later released on Nintendo Switch, in a big collaboration between developers InnerSloth and Nintendo.

This collaboration made people wonder whether we could be seeing more Nintendo x Among Us content, with Smash fans creating some detailed concepts that saw the Among Us Impostor introduced as a Smash fighter. One such concept was even praised by Among Us themselves.

This latest development in the Among Us x Smash crossover saga has actively realized this idea. Complete with a full, detailed moveset, slick animations and a creative final smash, this Among Us Super Smash Brothers Brawl mod is one of the best things you’ll see today.

Among Us tasks players with finding the murderous "imposter" in the ship's crew.
Among Us was one of 2020’s most popular games.

The creator Yutaka released a trailer of a full mod, implemented into Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

The full trailer provides a complete rundown of what the imposter is capable of, and it looks like it would be a pretty strong character to play.

The trailer shows off some really slick animations, including an F-smash of the ‘Alien Kill’ Among Us animation, a Fuel Tank Down-smash, a side special that initiates a shooting task, and a down special which sends the Impostor into a vent.

But by far the most impressive part of the kit is the final smash animation. Initiating a final smash sees the impostor call an emergency meeting, before being ejected. They then fall back down to Earth and crash onto the surface, releasing a huge shockwave that sends all opponents flying off the map.

How to get the Among Us Impostor in Smash

You can access the mod files for the Among Us Imposter fighter by accessing the creator’s dropbox, which can be found here.

While this SSBB mod now exists, it remains unclear whether Nintendo has any plans to introduce the Impostor to Ultimate. One thing is for sure, though: this mod shows it can be done, and done well.

Among Us

How to play Among Us Jester mode

Published: 1/Feb/2021 10:15

by Connor Bennett


Among Us is gaining steam again as streamers have been returning to Innersloth’s popular social deduction title and playing a few different mods. Here’s what you need to know about the Jester mode. 

Innersloth’s Among Us gained plenty of love from the internet in the latter stages of 2020, becoming a staple on Twitch and YouTube for the hilarious moments it created. 

The formula of the game is simple – complete your tasks as a Crewmate to win or eliminate everyone without being caught as the Imposter. Though, as the game has returned to popularity in recent weeks, players have been putting new spins on it.

Mods have allowed players to use proximity chat to catch others out, add new roles like the Sherriff so that one player has the power to eliminate the Imposter, as well as using new hats to decorate their character. However, it’s the Jester mod that has been getting more love than others recently. 

Among Us continues to be a popular game amongst streamers.

What is Among Us Jester mode?

Just like the Sherriff mod, the Jester add-on gives the game another role – the Jester – and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. 

Among the confusion of trying to figure out who is an Imposter and who is a Crewmate, the goal of the Jester is to get themselves eliminated without outing themselves as the Jester. 

That means you’ve got to play a little dumb but not go far enough so thats obvious what you’re doing. It can provide some hilarious moments, of course, but it’s got to be played in a private match so that everyone adheres to the right rules. 

How to download Among Us Jester mod

There are plenty of different downloads out there claiming to be the right Jester mod, but the original comes from YouTuber SocksFor1.

If you want to get your hands on his version, you’ve got to join his Discord, and be active in there for a good while so that the download link opens up for you. Once it does, simply download it, install the mod, and then access it in a private game. 

  1. Joins SocksFor1’s Discord
  2. Be active in the channel until you are able to download
  3. Download the Jester link
  4. Install the mod
  5. You can now play the Jester mod!

Once you’ve got the mod installed, you can easily switch back and forth between that and the normal Among Us mode.

Though, you will have to be careful and remember that if you’re not playing Jester, you don’t need to act suspect when there is no need to. So, keep an eye on what mode you’re playing.