KSI’s bizarre Among Us strategy ends in absolute disaster

ksi among usYoutube, JJ Alatunji / InnerSloth

It’s hard to know what to say during Among Us rounds, but KSI devised a way to solve that by spinning a wheel. Unfortunately, the results were still completely disastrous.

A virtual social deduction game set in outer space, Among Us combines deceit, sabotage, and a rocket ship filled with armless jelly beans. In this upsurging PVP mystery world, verbal cues and actions replace the disguises offered by poker faces in the real world’s big-money games.

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But Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji, more popularly known as KSI, wanted to give himself a challenge and try something a little unique in Among Us. Whether impostor or crewmate, the English YouTuber, rapper, actor, and boxer decided he would test the limits of scripted performance and see how important improvisation really is to success in the popular space mystery.

So KSI made a wheel with 14 different speech options and established some rules for himself: at the start of each round he would spin the wheel and then restrict himself to only saying what it landed on. This included generic options like “suck your mum” and targeted group-specific ones like “I think it’s Josh.”

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“Today I’m going to be doing an Among Us video, but, for once, I have an original idea!” Although some may contend that spinning a wheel isn’t entirely original, KSI is right that it hasn’t been popularized for Among Us content.

And rightfully so, as a game so dependent on persuasion and deduction isn’t particularly suited to one member being forced to repeat the same phrases over and over and…over again. From baseless accusations against Vikkstar and the other Sidemen involved to stubborn condemnations of “oh, shut up” and “suck your dad,” his strategy was an interesting experiment.

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KSI blue lamborghiniInstagram: ksi
KSI is arguably one of the most successful YouTubers out there.

With these repeated utterances offering very little in terms of actual discourse, KSI was voted off more often than not with everyone eventually catching on. At some point, a fellow crewmate simply responded that he should “get out of the f**king lobby, man. I’ve had enough of that.”

Ultimately, the boys had their laughs and he got his content. But the experiment proved one thing only: improvisation and discussion are, as one would expect, crucial to a game of social deduction.

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