Among Us dev reveals plans for player accounts, new map, and more

Among Us New Map Player AccountsInnersloth

Innersloth has been hard at work trying to make the Among Us experience even better than it already is, and one developer revealed player accounts and a new map are in the works, as well as some other bits and pieces.

Among Us was somewhat successful when it first launched. However, it wasn’t until two years later that it surged into the powerhouse that is today. It generates hundreds of thousands of views on Twitch on a daily basis and even became a political platform.

In the peak of the game’s rise in popularity, Innersloth announced a sequel which was then subsequently canceled. The developers ultimately decided to focus on improving the original game instead.

Since then, they’ve made some tweaks and changes to improve the overall experience. Now, a developer has revealed the next batch, and even elaborated on some plans for the future.

Among Us New Map Player AccountsInnersloth
Among Us brings players together from all different platforms and pits them on a ship or base.

Player Accounts

Among Us has been plagued with cheating and hacking in recent months. In an effort to stamp it out, the developer said they’re planning to add player accounts to the game.

“We’re hoping to get accounts into the game by December,” he said. “This will allow players to report accounts that are toxic and/or hacking.”

“They may be a bit barebones at first,” he added. “But things like friends lists will also come at a later date after launch.”

It won’t solve the problem entirely, but it will make it harder for cheaters and hackers to run rampant.

Among Us New Map Player AccountsInnersloth
Among Us cheaters and hackers have been abundant in recent months.

New Map

Among Us players have wanted a new map for quite some time now, and it seems like they’re finally going to get it. It’s set to be the biggest map of them all, which is exciting. Naturally, that means it will introduce some new tasks as well.

“We’re hard at work on a new map,” said the developer. “This map is currently looking bigger than Polus! The map will contain plenty of new tasks and will be available for free to all players!”

Among Us New Map Player AccountsInnersloth
Polus is the biggest map in Among Us

Language Translation

Among Us is also set to receive a handy language translation feature. It’s not as ground-breaking as the other planned features. However, it is a nice touch for those who need it.

“The game is currently only translated into a few languages (and some of those translations are a bit rough),” said the developer. “We’re planning on getting professional translations into multiple languages.”

In addition to opening up about the future plans for Among Us, he also provided the details on a small update, which is now live. Here’s a full list of the patch notes.

Among Us patch notes

  • Added Anonymous Voting option
    • All votes appear as grey
  • Added Task Bar Modes
    • Always mode works like normal
    • Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings
    • Invisible mode removes the task bar entirely
  • MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs
  • Added symbols to fix wires task
  • Added cosmetics to meeting screen
  • Various bug fixes