CouRage baits Pokimane on Among Us with 200IQ name trick

Daniel Cleary
pokimane and Courage

Popular YouTuber Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop pulled off a clever name change technique in Among Us, baiting fellow streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys into revealing herself as an imposter with this hilarious trick.

[jwplayer mfcRpjb4]

Among Us has blown up on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube in recent months, as many of the biggest creators in gaming have now tried their hand at the popular party title.

While Among Us started out as a fun game to play with friends, players are now starting to find unique tricks that can give them an advantage over their opponents and YouTube star CouRageJD revealed one example of this in a recent broadcast.

among us characters running
Among Us has become one of the most viewed games in recent months.

The role of an impostor can be a difficult one to pilot in Among Us, as players are required to eliminate as many crewmates as possible and sabotage the ship, all while remaining undetected.

While there are plenty of tools and strategies to counter the imposters, such as using the cameras or grouping up when completing tasks, a new strategy that involves changing your in-game name has been revealed, making it even harder to back-stab your friends.

Courage shared a clip of this tactic, revealing that his plan was to use his shortened name to his advantage, by blending in with the satellite tower he was standing behind.

“Changed my name on Among Us to just the letter ‘I’,” he explained, highlighting how difficult it was to spot him, and with Lazarbeam as his bait, he simply waited for an impostor to make their move.

Unfortunately for Pokimane, she fell right for this trap, attacking Lazarbeam after it appeared to be safe and revealing herself as the impostor in the match.

Courage instantly popped out of where he was hiding, reporting her actions, and could not help but burst into laughter as he was accusing Pokimane to win the match for his remaining crewmates.

While hilarious Among Us tricks such as this one will eventually become well known and won’t be as effective, they can still be worth trying to turn the tides in a match.

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